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PT. Kartika Macons carry a wide range of construction products for both rental and purchase.

We provide sales and rental services of large machinery including (but not limited to) Tower Cranes, Passenger Hoists and Concrete Pumps. On top of that, we also supply small equipment that are frequently utilised in construction sites such as vibrators, asphalt cutters and power trowel. Below is the list of products that we carry:

Shuanglin Pipe

The reliable piping system for drinking and industrial water applications with special characteristics because it is made from polyethylene.

Tower Crane

The tower crane is one of our fundamental focus in PT. Kartika Macons. We have a total of over 50 cranes of varying brands to cater to varying requirement of projects. With an accumulated experience of over 25 years, we are one of the most recognized tower crane suppliers in Indonesia.

Knowledge of the intricacies of the local market partnered with the experience needed to resolve site issues propels us to the forefront in Tower Crane sales, rental and maintenance.


Alimak are well established as a world leading provider of vertical access solutions for a wide array of applications, most notably in the construction industry. Throughout a proud history stretching back over 70 years, Alimak have become recognised for a culture of constant innovation and product development, not least for pioneering the first mast climbing platform to utilise the hard wearing and reliable rack and pinion drive system. PT. Kartika Macons has worked with Alimak for over 20 years, and has supplied Alimak industrial passenger hoists to many industrial projects in various locations such as chimneys and factories, with local and international clients included.

Passenger Hoist

The passenger hoist product is a popular request by customers in the construction industry, especially so in building projects. PT. Kartika Macons possesses over 20 years of experience in dealing passenger hoists units for both sales and rental. A wide range of selection is available with options including, but not limited to cabin type and hoist speed.

Surface Miner

The surface miner is our newest product in our catalogue. Relatively new in Indonesia, this machine is able to blast and extract minerals and stones from mountains without the traditional method of blasting and its associated disadvantages.

Concrete Pump

The stationary concrete pump is also one of our key product offerings in PT. Kartika Macons. Founded in 2012, our pumps are relatively new and well-maintained by our team of experienced technicians. Within the short span of a few years we have developed into a major player in the field of concrete pump sales and rental.

Exen Vibrator

The vibrator is one of the most commonly used small equipment in Jakarta construction projects and also one of the products with shortest machine lifetime locally. Our vibrators which are from EXEN not only has a longer lifetime, but also produces a more homogeneous and even cement result due to the unique, patented structure of the vibrator.


A homegrown brand owned by PT. Kartika Macons, VIPAC was set up in 1998 to meet contractors’ requirement for small equipment and fast-moving machinery for use in job site.