IMER(ORU) Batching Plants

Design, service and respect for the environment

The design of the batching plants and equipment, tailored to the requirements of the individual building yards and of prefabrication and concrete sale facilities, is the brainchild of the efficient and flexible organization of the ORU engineering department.

The professionally rigidly selected staff, its constant dedication to quality, the continuous technological innovations and the application of rigid controls have enabled the company to reach high levels of performance and, in 1996, enabled it to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. ORU's service department, through the experience, responsibility and competence of its personnel and its substantial dense network of service centers, make it possible to promptly meet the different requirements of the individual customers.

Over 22,000 customers worldwide have shown their preference for ORU products and have been able to verify the quality and reliability of the company's design and service departments.

In addition, with a constant concern for the requirements of the environment and the ecological of its products, ORU design and builds certified batching plants and equipment with noise and dust emission level below the limits required by the relative standards.

The ORU pan mixers stand out for the following features :

  • High quality and uniformity of the mixture to guarantee a perfect homogenization of the materials
  • Mixing speed
  • Possibility of mixing any type of concrete
  • Wide range of products
  • Fast discharge without residues
  • Production economy
  • Lining of wear-resistant materials